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B20 Allied Witan Standard Air Exhaust Muffler 2” BSP


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Air Exhaust Muffler ?The Original?? provides up to 85% perceived noise reduction and 94% flow factor. Expertly reduces Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB) without impeding equipment performance. Designed to take explosive air exhaust noise discharged from valve exhaust ports and muffle it with optimised Constant Velocity (CV) flow factor. Exhaust air flows softly to atmosphere free of noise, oil fog, and other contaminants ? helping to maintain a clean, comfortable and productive work environment . Features a unique obstruction-free expansion chamber, with corrosion-resistant aluminium end covers, zinc-plated steel components and a cellulose fibre element. Recommended for general purpose air exhaust applications for pressures up to 125 psi (8.6 Bar) Female connections available on request.

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