Why You Need to Change Your Elements Annually

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Filter elements in compressed air systems are constantly under attack from the acidic, oily condensate and fast moving solid particles that they are designed to remove. Continuous exposure to this aggressive environment can weaken filter elements over time. No filter element lasts forever and even if left unused for a time in this environment they can continue to degrade.

So to ensure the long term integrity of your filter system and protection of your downstream processes and equipment, filter elements need to be changed annually or every 2000 hours of operation as a preventative maintenance measure much the same way your filters get changed on your car when serviced.

Filter elements are by design meant to block eventually. The time it takes for this to happen depends on the amount of contamination present in the compressed air which comes from the environment the air compressor is in and the condition of compressor itself in the form of carried over oil.

Differential pressures gauges (DPG’s) on filter housings measure the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter housing to let you know if your element is blocked up and needs replacing. Unfortunately DPG’s are not always a reliable indicator of an elements working condition.

If there’s bypass of the element like a hole, it not being fitted correctly or its come lose, the DPG will not register a problem. The only reliable way to ensure your filtration system is running at its best and doing the job required is to regularly replace the elements.

It’s also important that your filter elements are competitively priced to keep running costs to a minimum, without compromising the quality and integrity of your system.

SCS Filtrations elements are built and tested to ensure that they can withstand the harshest environments whilst providing you with the best possible air quality from your existing system without the high price often associated with high quality.

Oils ain’t Oils

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Do JORC follow the developments in compressor lubrication?


Yes, they do!
Jorc are in close contact with several compressor lubrication manufacturers to ensure that they continuously retain a level of expertise relating to oil/water (condensate) separation.

In addition, Jorc supply many compressor OEMs with JORC oil/water separators. Jorc fully understand that compressor OEMs demand developments of lubrications that are best suited for their compressors. There is generally no consideration for downstream obstacles like the condensate separation complications.

Fortunately, less and less end-users still have old style oil/water separators installed that do not separate modern lubricants that well.
Help your customers and convince them to change to a Jorc condensate separator!